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Jan 19, 2013

A Lifetime of Change: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Lasting Legacy

MLK InfographicOnline College Courses has created a wonderful graphic timeline on the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. As the celebration of Dr. King’s birthday approaches, this timeline is a great jumping off point for students of all ages to learn about MLK Jr.

The timeline highlights the adult life of MLK Jr. In an elementary, junior high or high school classroom it could be used as a visual aid to discuss Dr. King’s achievements. Pairs or small groups of students could each take a highlight and conduct research, reporting back to the class.

This year, Inauguration Day happens to fall on the MLK holiday. Students could tie what they have learned about Martin Luther King Jr. to the Inauguration, President Obama, or the state of race in the United States. It could be the beginning of a difficult but important conversion in any classroom.

Here are some other MLK Jr. resources that I recommend:
I Have a Dream speech (video): Teacher Tube is an alternative to YouTube. It’s a great, safe resource. From this site you can also download the “I Have a Dream” speech in case you do not have internet access in your school.
Letter from a Birmingham Jail: A .pdf version of Dr. King’s letter. One of the interesting things about this resource is that it has a link to the statement that prompted King’s letter.
The Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute: As one would expect, this site has many, many, many resources but also, lesson plans, primary documents and videos.

Are you planning on discussing Martin Luther King Jr. or the Inauguration in your classroom?