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Jan 12, 2012


econedlink is not only an interesting site but also, very relevant as the country continues to wade through a horrible recession. With lesson plans and interactives that are updated regularly (I found lesson plans as recent as 12/2011) the explanations in the videos are clear and timely. There are lesson plans for students in grades K-12.

There is a calendar of historical events which I found very interesting. In a middle school of high school setting it would be easy to use these events as warm ups. As well, each event has links to related lessons. There are also some really nice interactive tools. I like the Paul Solman videos very much although not all of them are necessarily appropriate (pre-screening, as always, is a must).

All the lesson plans and interactive tools are searchable by concept, grade level and key word search. It's a great collection of resources about a topic that is missing at the K-8 levels and is only talked about at the macro-economics level in high schools.

How important is it to instill strong, fiscal understanding in students? How do you do it now?

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