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Nov 15, 2011


What a great site! Much like the Khan Academy but with a sole focus on Calculus, integralCALC (Krista King's site) brings Calculus to the people. Each topic has a text description and a video description.  Ms. King's approach is simple and easy to follow. The videos cover one topic only making the focus on the content clear and easy to understand.

One of the nicest aspects of the site are the quizzes that follow each section. With feedback for each correct answer this is a great way for students to review before an exam or just to make sure they've understood the tutorials.

This would be a great resource for anyone taking AP Calculus as a junior or senior in high school.  Students can use the tutorials and quizzes to ready themselves for quizzes and exams or to help as they move through homework problems.

As students begin to ready themselves for the AP Exam in the spring you can go through the quiz questions as a class or in groups as part of the review process. Because of the explanations attached to each correct answer the quizzes are not just guess and check but a way for students to understand why an answer is correct.

Besides the textbook and you (the teacher) what other resources to you give your AP Calc students? 

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