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Oct 10, 2011

Target Practice

Karyn Hodgens, a math teacher on is creating math lessons with real world applications.  It sees simple but taking into account prior knowledge, the dynamics of groups, what can really be taught (e.g. no dice because it promotes gambling) and the length of a traditional class period and the parameters become pretty tight.

 Target Practice is a great example of a teacher using what she has, teaching a new concept in a practical way and having students stretch beyond their grade level within math.

The video is a bit long but you can easily write out a lesson plan as you follow along.  There's also a great tip about compasses and large circles, with reference to another video. Even if all you take from this video is that reference, it's worth it.

A nice little project with the outcomes being students that understand the concept, build something together, expand their knowledge and enjoy themselves in a math class.  Sounds like something to pay attention to to me.

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