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Oct 21, 2011

NASA/NSTA Web Seminars

Instead of wandering aimlessly through NASA's teacher resources, how about a guided tour? 

The NASA Explorer School project (NES) has sponsored a series of PD web seminars focusing on STEM. NES gives educators access to NASA: their scientists, research, missions, and facilities.

You can "attend" the web seminars live (each is offered a couple different times during the school year) or you can watch an archived version of them. The advantage of attending them live is the ability to interact with the presenters and other teachers. Each seminar focuses on a NASA activity, discusses implementation strategies, classroom modifications, ideas for extensions.  The project planners clearly understand teachers' schedules since most of the seminars are during after school hours.

These types of projects support NASA, support teacher groups (in this case the NSTA), support technology in education, and they are just that little wow factor students are expecting. What more could you ask for?

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