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Oct 19, 2011

Minute Physics

Ernest Rutherford said: "Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting." I'm not sure I agree with this Nobel Prize winner (especially since it was in Chemistry) but, following his lead, I present another physics resource. 

Minute Physics, a channel from Henry is a series of minute-ish long videos covering different physics concepts. The music is calming, Henry's voice is clear and his explanations concise. The animations are simple and easy to follow.

What a wonderful way to start a class, allow the teacher to take attendance, introduce a concept or begin a critical thinking exercise.  In a high school classroom these videos could introduce the concept for a lecture, an experiment or a just a fun way to get the juices flowing after lunch. In a middle school classroom this could be used to blow the minds of some of students and, help answer the question, why is the sky blue? Check out there is no pink light. While is won't answer the exact question, why is the sky blue?, it will begin a conversation about light, wavelengths and how reflection works that many younger students will understand.

Explore and enjoy!!

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