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Sep 28, 2011

Ancient Egypt

Each year in elementary school students delve deeply into a specific theme as a way to teach research skills, problem solving, critical thinking and long term planning. In almost all cases it is the first major project for students.

Ancient Egypt is one of the more popular themes and there are many resources available. The British Museum has a great online exhibit broken up into 10 different sections.  Each section is made up of three areas: story, explore and challenge.  The story area (a-day-in-the-life) includes images and a glossary.  The explore section uses primary documents from the museum to help teach details about Egyptian life and the challenge area is an interactive activity that range from board games to "ask an expert".

A well developed exhibit and teaching tool, teachers could use the story area in any section to introduce Ancient Egypt in a whole class setting.  The explore and challenge areas could also be used in a whole class setting or, for older elementary students, these areas could be used as the jumping off point for a research project.

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