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Jul 24, 2011

MIT's famous Physics professor

Professor Walter Lewin is well known at MIT and by recording his lectures in 1999 he has become famous the world over for his energetic, interactive and engaging lectures about physics

MIT OpenCourseWare is way for the university to share it's wealth of knowledge with the world, for free.  While I highly recommend any of their lectures, Prof. Lewin's are among the most entertaining.

In a high school classroom these lectures could be used to help demonstrate concepts in physics when the teacher or school just does not have the necessary resources. 

With assignments, lecture notes, exams and solutions included in the mix a home schooled student could use this course as primary content.

Prof. Lewin's love of science is contagious.  I highly recommend these lectures for any science student whether they are struggling, gifted and talented, home schooled, or just bored. 

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