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Jul 24, 2011

Free Book Notes

This one is for teachers only. Especially new teachers.  One of the things that pre-service teachers are very rarely told is how much time it will take to get everything together for each lesson they teach.  It's hard!  As a first year teacher you're focused on lesson plans, classroom management and making sure you don't loose a power struggle with a student in front of other students. What I always forgot was: great lesson plan but who's going to get the materials I need?  Oh right, I need to do that too.   

While we don't like to think about it this way, many teachers, especially high school teachers, work in isolation.  Each one reinventing the wheel time and time again. Hopefully this site will help English teachers out a bit. is a bit clunky (mostly because it's free) but it also holds a lot of information. There are plot summaries, character descriptions, study questions, short biographies of authors, the list goes on and on.  As I said at the beginning, while I would not provide this website to students, it's a much more efficient way for high school English teachers to put together study guides and long term lesson plans for novels and plays they are reading in their classrooms.

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