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May 7, 2011

NASA Education

NASA is one of my first loves.  I went to Space Camp and Space Academy, I read Space Camp the book and saw the movie.  I went to engineering school to become an astronaut.  Halfway through college I realized that education was really where I wanted to be and my life took a sharp turn but NASA has always been in the back of my brain.

The NASA Education site has some amazing resources on it.  Here are just a few examples:
For those of you trying to get girls interested in science, technology and math.  What better place to start that NASA? A collection of videos from women who work at NASA.  A great way to motivate and inspire.
NASA's Digital Learning Network. A collection of K-12 lesson plans in which students interact directly with experts at NASA.  Covering state standards, real world application, STEM and any number of other education acronyms, this collection will help inspire students and teachers.
Searchable bank of lesson plans for K-12 students.  Whether you're covering state standards, looking for warm-up or extra credit problems or introducing technology into your classroom.  These lessons will help you.

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